what are some things that you guys often find yourself struggling with?

Bipolar Disorder

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  • mode1


    Getting out of bed. Sometimes taking showers Focusing Sometimes I forget to take my meds ( a lot actually)

  • mynewfriend


    Hygiene, sleeping too much as an avoidance tactic, and staying connected to other people.

  • KrosBone


    Friendships, intimate relationships. Pretty much anything a person is supposed to have at my stage in life. I've got no one on my side. I need to move and can't.

  • Megsandpegs


    Work. It's tough to put on a brave face when you're dying inside and to care for others when you're not caring for yourself.

  • DitsyDiabetic


    What DON’T i struggle with? Work is hard. I’m a cashier. I hate people. Relationships are hard. I’m married and NOT living with my wife bc of my condition. Goals are hard, i have no sense of accomplishment when i achieve them. Even having fun is hard, bc I also rarely feel any sense of enjoyment, even from the things I used to looooove. Such are the joys of a condition that gets worse with time. Just take things one day/hour/minute at a time.

  • katiebug6


    Paranoia. Lack of energy. Being so sleepy. I've had WAY too many jobs, I always quit them. Self love.

  • moonbear


    Getting out of a negative headspace. Especially at work. I've actually been doing really well with this, work has been better because I choose to not focus of my darker thoughts. I choose to remain positive. Keep in mind, I do take meds for my bipolar, and have done so for years. Not to be cliche, but it gets better.

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