Anyone else have a panic attack this morning when getting dressed this morning?

I can't talk to my husband about it anymore because he just doesn't understand and gets upset.

It would be sooo much easier to get dressed if I had the body I wanted.
I really want liposuction but my husband won't support me in that decision.

Please tell me someone can relate 😩

Body dysmorphic disorder

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  • saksgirl02


    I totally totally understand. I had a tummy tuck and still felt huge. I was in a size that I hadn't been since grade school probably. I met my husband 2 yrs after the wls and he says that he doesn't see what I don't like. I am blessed to have him. We are so hard on ourselves. I do yoga, walk and light weights. Makes me feel better about my body. Be easy on yourself. We do see ourselves different than others do. Look into CBT. Good luck on your journey.

  • LisaSimpson


    thank you so much for responding! it also doesn't help that I'm really short so I just look compressed 😭😂 ughh I just want to be confident. I'll check out some CBT workbooks ❤️

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