I know eczema can take a huge toll on mental health. I assume that most of you have had it your whole life like me. I am very body positive despite all the different colors the eczema presents as and I just want you to know you're beautiful. No one can take that away from you. I got bullied for it and I've realized as a senior in high school that it isn't someone else's decision if I'm pretty or not because my skin is different colors! My eczema causes vitiligo because I scratched it so much as a kid it scarred and I think it makes me look pretty! I am unique and so are you! All of us are!

Atopic Dermatitis

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  • Mads0_o


    this really made me smile thank you <3

  • ez241204


    wow! I didn't know that was considered vitiligo I my doctor told me it was stain.

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