Haven’t been feeling my best lately.. I’ve been thinking about hurting myself again. (I promise I won’t) it’s pointless… even if it does “help” the pain I’m feeling on the inside for a little bit… I haven’t been able to hang out with friends.. they have been ignoring me bc either their bf hates me, their mom won’t let them, or they themselves are depressed. I really need someone to talk to and hangout with… but it’s hard to make friends…


Generalized pain

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  • lizette


    I understand what you mean. You're more than free to DM me if you need. I am so sorry that you're going through this.

  • toby_closet


    I'm going through something similar and I needs friends so if your still hurt 🤕 I'm here

  • Gunnar


    I'm a depressed little human, too. You can use my DM to rant if you want.

  • Shey00


    Hey I’m sorry that happened to you! Know the dms are open ❤️

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