Does anyone have any experience with CBGs that are THC free? I tried CBDs but I didn’t feel like that worked for me so I wanna try this one because this one is supposedly more aimed toward the pain and muscles


Anxiety (Including GAD)

Chronic Generalized pain

Generalized pain

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  • Janner_Wingfeather


    I take the Lazarus naturals sleep tincture that has CBD CBG and CBN. It’s full spectrum though so not truly thc free. It seems to help be sleep.

  • Wildcat


    Where do you get that?

    • Janner_Wingfeather


  • lilly109876


    Did it have an immediate effect on you or did you have to wait a while for it to work

  • Crazy_Russian


    I take cbd/cbg from medterra on line 2000 mg it works pretty good for my anxiety and headaches

  • Situpdown


    Plnt cbd works well for anxiety and pain

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