Hey all! Looking for some advice. Met with a new OBGYN today (finally found one I like!) he knew all about my past exams/procedures before we even talked and truly listened to me. His wife has endometriosis so that might be why? He gave several options for treatments but we narrowed it down to 3 and I was wondering if anyone had advice/experience with them. 1. try an IUD since ive only tried the pills, Mirena or Kyleena (he suggested Kyleena for me since it is smaller). 2. Try a higher dose of the one pill (Kurvelo) that sorta worked for me and skip the placebos. 3. Get a laparoscopy to officially diagnose endometriosis and remove if any then try Orilissa since it's only covered by insurance if endometriosis is officially diagnosed. Does anyone have an opinion on this or have been in this position? I'm looking for any advice. Thank you❤

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  • faeriekeri


    i’ve never dealt with this but you should definitely get checked out for endometriosis!! it’s so important!!!

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