How do you find the balance
between not rushing into major
spinal surgeries & being too
overcautious? I'm 33 and my
doctors want me to have 2 major
spinal surgeries, complete with
rods and plates and artificial disc
replacements and 6 month
recovery time each..l know there's
a good chance these implants will
need upkeep within a decade..
that puts me at only 43. I don't
want to spend the rest of my life
undergoing surgery regularly. The
problem is l'm in excruciating pain
constantly and I can barely
function, it seems l've exhausted
all non-surgical treatment options,
and my PM doctors have fallen victim to the CDC/DEA attack on pain
patients and refuse to prescribe
even a slightly higher dose of pain
medication (which actually helps) despite having my med
dosage cut by 85% in about a
year. Any advice, experiences?


Intervertebral Disc Displacement

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  • Brittanie


    I'm going through the same thing with the pain medication situation and them wanting to do a disc replacement surgery. The only thing they give me is prednisone and lyrica and it doesn't actually help with my pain, one gives me a bit of energy and the other just makes me feel weird.

  • Brittanie



  • Sheridanbrin


    Maybe ask if cortisone shots are a good replacement for surgery?

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