Hi! I’ve struggled with several EDs in the past and went through residential treatment about 6 months ago. But recently I’ve been experiencing lots of nausea. I’m having the hunger cues and willing to eat fear foods but I can’t and can’t follow my meal plan because I just feel so sick. I also have POTS but have never had this as a symptom. Does anyone else experience this? Any suggestions?

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  • comealittlecloser


    I went through a similar thing a few months ago, I wasn’t engaging in disordered eat at the time but I was getting nausea and appetite loss from severe anxiety so it was so easy/tempting to slip back into my old habits. I didn’t eat much that week and did give into the nausea a couple times but I kept trying to eat my favorite foods, just once a day until I eventually got more comfortable with eating and keep the food down and making it a habit to eat regularly. It’s a definitely struggle though so do what you think you’re capable of and try to push yourself only as much as you’re able to without triggering yourself. Good luck! 💕

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