How do you guys manage your bipolar II? i was prescribed lamotrigine to calm manic episodes but still find myself struggling a lot with the lows. what medications or treatments has everyone tried? everyone else i know with a diagnosis has went unmedicated and i know i cant go through life like that..

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  • lolo1576


    i take abilify and effexor xr. i’ve been on this medication for roughly three years and it’s been helpful for me for the most part. of course it’s important to remember that no medication is gonna magically fix things, but these meds have at least helped stabilize my mood

  • TrixieTDH


    I take Abilify, but in an injection for 400 milligrams. It has helped me calm down. I would still feel depressed from time to time but not as much and as extreme as it would without it. Plus you get an injection once a month. Great if you have trouble remembering taking pills.

    • lolo1576


      shoot i should try that!!! i’m always forgetting to take my meds hahah and that’s on having ADHD 🙃

  • Bird1e


    I also take duloxetine and that has helped

  • aries02


    i’m not a doctor but the way it was explained to me is that lamotrigine doesn’t treat the mania or depression itself. You can look at it like a security guard- it does it’s best not to let the episodes in, but if an episode does start it won’t necessarily make it better. try talking to your doctor about adding another med to help the depression

    • gibby_gibson


      ok this is actually really helpful!! im on zoloft but found when we upped my dose to a level where i felt less depressed, i became super manic or angry instead!! maybe now that im on the lamotragine ill be able to talk to my dr about maybe messing around with something else as well to help

  • Amie2001


    I take both Lamotrigine and Lexapro. It helps as long as I stay on track with my medication. But I used to just take Lamotrigine and it did not help at all really.

    • aries02


      i was on lexapro before getting diagnosed as bipolar II and it really didn’t do anything for me, might have even made me feel worse. I wonder if it would be any different in combo w lamictal

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