hi all! i’m navigating learning sensory regulation as a definitely neurodivergent but undiagnosed person. i strongly identify with traits and signs of autism and adhd but i have only just got comprehensive health insurance for the first time in my life. how did you go about getting diagnosed? did it help?

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  • Katty


    Diagnosis is often important for self discovery. Even with insurance the process is often long and expensive. As such it’s important to remember self diagnosis (identifying as ADHD or autistic after lots of research to help you understand yourself) is valid as well. I wouldn’t recommended getting officially diagnosed unless you need the diagnosis for your mental sanity or you need the official documentation for work/legal accommodations. It’s also important to note that in many countries an autism diagnosis on your official record can get you discriminated against. You may be more likely to get medical decisions taken away from you or be unable to adopt. While that all sounds scary a diagnosis can be very important. You’ll need to do more research to decide what’s best for you. :) Paige Layle and Purple Ella are 2 of my favorite autistic YouTubers. If you want to go about it, since you aren’t entirely sure what your diagnosis would be you likely need to go to a neuropsychologist (likely still would if you thought autism was the right one). You should start at your primary care physician and see if they can give you an in network referral. Be sure to bring a list of the traits that you have that match ADHD and autism with references to the DSM5. Even then many physicians are dismissive, sometimes there are no in network neuropsychs, and sometimes the wait list are years long. Any and all of this may force you to schedule with an out of network specialist. In this case it will probably still be months and cost thousands of dollars, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that! The system is very broken, but be sure to research how exactly it’s broken by you then way the pros and cons. Just to clarify despite this sounding negative this come from a 20F who did decide to shelf out the $5000, go to an autism in women specialist, and get a diagnosis (the whole process of self discovery to diagnosis took about a year for me). So this is not an attempt to discourage, just to inform.

    • Miza


      thank you for the realistic and extremely helpful response. good to hear from a fellow 20F who had a success story. i’m not sure that those specialist even exist in my rural region, but i’m going to try to save and make a plan. 💖

      • Katty


        best of luck and please reach out with any more questions!

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