Anyone else with dizziness or imbalance issues been dealing with this daily and have a PPPD diagnosis? If so, what have you tried that helps you to function the best to your ability?


Dizziness and giddiness

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  • BB55


    Yes and I haven’t found anything but this is kinda hard to deal with.

  • She_She_Kay


    40 yrs and absolutely no solution for my dizziness and tinnitus 😥

  • Mama_Bear


    I have a Dr out of Texas that specializes in PPPD. You can find him on YouTube Dr. Shin Beh. He has me on Effexor XR ( seems to be the most common medication used to help with PPPD.) He said I have vestibular migraines as well. The Effexor XR has helped but not bring back my old life. I’m praying in time, the right amount will get me there! I take one day at a time!

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