hi... I uh recently found out that I have did and I was wondering how what did it feel like to others when they switch out and could they do it manually

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • damon


    I would say it really depends on the person and the alter. It can be easy as flipping a switch for some while it takes longer for others and without warning. For me typically it just feels like waking out of a dream or slipping into one. I can occasionally switch by choice if both me and the other alter are both in agreement to do it, but as far as forcefully holding back a switch I can't do that. I also can't force my way back to fronting, although I can be very persistent in wanting the front back. There are some cases however where Ill fully throw another alter into fronting because I can't handle the stress of a situation. When describing things that happen within the head it can be rather difficult to explain, but in general it'll feel like a dream and I can only somewhat manually switch Giving up control is easy, taking it back is more difficult if there's no agreement. But everyone is different.

    • BlueCreature


      my main had control for years .. not any more .. it is for the better for his ~Our healing an Journey in our independence.. Life has always been confusing Lonely an well dark.. but he is very strong .. for what it feels .. i don't know how to explain .. he pops in an out but he isnt like in contol .. he is very much afraid of literaly Every thing [ One ] ~ Atlas tho when he is around it feels like a out of body experience .. not so much a badd feeling it just feels really strong .. it kinda scares me a little .. but i know its not him .. its the trama an ptsd from our entire 25 years of our life .. yeah but we work togethor we dont hold back or keep the wheel away .. we just make sure every one is safe ..

  • juiceambassador


    switching is a bit weird for us because it might be p-did or osdd-1a. but it feels kind of like a mask is on? where suddenly we have access to different memories, act differently, think differently, but are still "consciously aware" of ourselves. kinda just like being extremely co conscious but yeah idk its different for everyone

  • toby_closet


    With me it feels like I'm disconnecting and reconnecting like a android that bootloops a couple times before starting up like normal for me I cross my eyes and hitch my breath you can see physical signs after I switched like for instance my voice will be deeper or lighter I'll have different triggers I'll have a different speaking style and most of all a different personality and perspective

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