how do you deal with loneliness in bpd? it's so painful and so debilitating.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • cypresz


    hey, fellow borderline here!! you’re right in saying the way we feel loneliness is SO amplified to the point of it being near impossible to handle those feelings. whether you are Actually alone, or Not but it Feels that way, it is important to build security in yourself for times like these. it’s difficult, and may take time, but necessary. remind yourself of your strength and how far you’ve come and the fact you are still alive proves that! you are unique and special and nobody could ever be a better you than you! once you understand and believe these things, dealing with loneliness does become a lot more tolerable, and it helps with self-confidence, which can in turn help with making new friends! it can be difficult, but i do have faith!

    • Kura


      thank you so much I really needed that ❤️

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