Does anyone else feel like they’re constantly in autopilot?? How do I stop feeling like that?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • roberri


    i need an answer to this too! :(

  • Pluto707


    Kaminari Denki, fictive/imprint alter of the Pluto System. I find that doing something that’s out of your normal routine, like taking a relaxing bath, or treating yourself to something sweet, really helped us. We used to work 50+ hours a week and due to our living situation, we barely saw any of our 900$-ish paychecks. Being on autopilot is really hard. It’s a survival technique for when we need to check out for a bit. And it’s okay, just make sure to do something every now and then to break the cycle and give yourself someone to look forward to! I hope that helps! Take care! —Kaminari

  • rj.crow


    I agree that gently breaking your routine definitely helps! I also meditate in the morning, before bed, and any time I realize I’m on autopilot. Just taking some deeps breaths and being aware of bodily sensations can help break me out of autopilot sometimes

  • Squishie


    Anything that reconnects you to your body! Consider meditation or deep breathing or stretching.

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