Are we allowed to talk about circumstances that are causing extreme distress here that are outside of personal health problems? I could really use some support but I’m not sure if this is the right place or if I need to reach out somewhere else. I’m a mess.

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  • Phroggi75


    Give it a shot.

  • stormer


    I'll listen what's up?!

  • Harli


    I don't see why it wouldn't be allowed. Vent all you need

  • grammyto4


    I think this a safe place. Who knows maybe some of us need same advice and afraid to ask.

  • Brenna


    My mother is 75 and fell due to the negligence of the assisted living facility she was living in on Tuesday. She broke her neck at the base of her skull. C1 and C2. The fractures are unstable but both neurosurgeons we’ve consulted with think she wouldn’t survive surgery or recovery. They’re going to try to keep her in a collar but of course a lot of cons go a long with that and the risk will always be extremely high. Today was the most pain I’ve seen her in. Morphine and Ativan were used and it didn’t even touch the pain. She can’t pass the swallow test so a picc line was inserted yesterday for nutrients and meds. Being up at the hospital alone and watching this and not knowing the outcome is eating me up. I’m not sleeping or eating, my anxiety and panic attacks are through the roof. I just don’t know what to do with myself to stay calm and sane and also be there for her. I’m just really struggling. All the decisions are left on my shoulders and I just feel completely abandoned by my family. I’m just terrified and just lost. Thank y’all for listening.

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