Anyone use Loops for preventing auditory overstimulation? Which kind do you have and what’s your experience with them?

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  • Katty


    Everyone I talk to loves them but I hate them. To me it feels like shoving rocks in my ears. I think normal foam earplugs are more comfortable and work better. I’m definitely in the minority though so would recommend giving it a shot.

  • Brinnon


    I would also like to know because normal earbuds/plugs overstimulate me and headphones aren't always an option.

  • pepperpatch


    I personally love my loops. I use them to help me sleep at night (i use the "quiet" loops) currently, and sometimes i wander the house with just one in so that i can still hear but dont get as overstimulated. I plan on getting the "experience" kind at some point, i just cant afford them at the moment, but ive heard great things about those.

  • flyingcoco18


    I got some and I'm so sad I don't like them. They have too much of a suction on my ears and it feels like I'm just substituting one sensory issue for another =( If you're alright with suction earbuds they might work well for you though. My partner is also autistic and likes to use them

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