I need help! I have a terrible addiction to the outdoors, specifically to sunlight. Not only is this bad for my skin health, but it is also very negatively affecting my relationship with my husband. Every moment that it is still daylight and the sun is shining, I feel the need to be outdoors. As soon as I am off work for the day, I go outside for a walk or run, but it isn't just a normal time frame. I can stay out for hours. I want to sit outdoors in my lawn chair over my entire lunch hour, and I even neglect to eat during that time because I want to use my "off the clock" time to relax and get tan. Weekends are especially bad because I am off work. My husband wants me to watch a movie with him or do something else indoors, but I want to be outdoors. I truly do want to spend time with him; I just don't know how to prioritize him over my addiction to nature. I will only choose an indoor activity over an outdoor one on a cloudy, rainy, snowy, cold day. I don't know what to do anymore. Please help!

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • lumilbel


    For your skin you could get a sunscreen stick so you can apply it whenever you feel like. As for your husband maybe you could find a compromise? Like staying home but you're both in your yard when the suns out or plan out days/times that you can go outside

  • Josephine


    Would keeping the shades open help or opening up the windows when you hang out inside? You can always go with your husband to dinner at a restaurant and sit outside and then go see a movie. Just have a date night? Also sunscreen and hats can help with the sun. there’s also spf chapstick that can help too.

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