I just recently had a seizure 3 days ago, that hasn’t happened in about a year that really put me backwards. Is there anything you guys have found that can snap you out of a seizure about to happen?? (I.e. smelling salts, I heard garlic works)



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  • kimo


    I make sure I take my Keppra the same time everyday. That keeps my levels even and I haven't had a problem since. Also, stay hydrated. Seizures suck !!!

  • Marilumoo


    I just experienced my first ever seizure on May 19th 😥 it's so so scary and it absolutely does set you back big time. What tells you you have a seizure coming on? Cause I don't think my body gave me any warning??

    • DD2


      what usually happens to me is I get some sort of visual aura like flashing lights in the far corner of my vision. Then I get nauseous and start to cold sweat. I also get this weird sense of nostalgia, such as a familiar smell from my childhood. Start to find your triggers, for me it’s dehydration and stress. Seizures suck hope you’re okay

  • LadyTauriel


    I've fortunately been seizure free for almost 4 years after 2 brain surgeries. Before that though, cannabis is the only thing that would actually delay or stop the seizure.

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