what helps with your IBS symptoms?

Chronic Diarrhea

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

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  • Shibbni


    Hi, I do the following 1) go back and track wat could have caused my IBS trigger. And journal it , just so I know this doesn't work fr me 2) I generally get spasm like pain, so I use a medicine to settle it . 3) earlier I had unexplained diarrhoea, when I would just sip lots of electrolyte water, to keep my energy up and wait for the diarrhoea phase to pass 4) just pray and engage in something to distract myself in office work, kids,house work etc and not let my mind make me a victim of an ill body .beacuae sometimes that can make u feel worse . Hope this helps ❤️

  • Wilburxoxo


    Thank you

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