My hands started itching really bad lately to a ping where they burn and and they itch from the inside out. Does that happen to anyone? My feet as well.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

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  • Witchofthewest


    Itch from the inside out is a great description! I tell my neurologist it feels like electrical current and the itching is sometimes unbearable

    • Zulma


      yes exactly to a point where I want to cry and it’s on my feet as well.

  • LB


    My hands were so incredibly itchy & were peeling, cracking A LOT! I saw a dermatologist & am using a steroid cream that has made them less cracked/peeling & has helped with the intense itch as well. I do have eczema issues but it could also be psoriasis, but the cream is a lifesaver

  • RetiredRN


    I have generalized itching on my back and arms and neck. I find that keeping g my skin moisturized but dry helps. I also use zinc powder at night.

  • Stelladru


    Yes. Found out through testing at my dermatologist who is also an immunologist, I have product allergies. The last three years have been so much better. As it turns out, stopping the use of stuff you're allergic to does wonders.

  • Stelladru


    I have psoriasis, and eczema too. I'm on a biologic for those, psoriatic arthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis. The avoiding and that biologic help.

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