y'all my whole right titty is swollen with red streaks idk if it's an infection, lymph node problems, or breast cancer, and I'm too fckn narcoleptic to spend the weekend going to the hospital or the week off of school going to the doctor when I need to be spending time with my kids and cleaning this tooootally wrecked apartment please send me good, not-die vibes, cause I ain't gonna do sht else about it amen!

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  • David1212


    Hi, first of all sending good vibes from afar. I do think you should go check it out at the doctor, if it's an infection you might need antibiotics or drainage of the pus, and if it's something more serious you might need surgery or something. I think you shouldn't neglect it and go check it out.

    • alliillaalli


      thank you, I did end up going to have it looked at because I found multiple knots along the vein that was streaking, and the vein itself had hardened. I assumed it was blood clots and told them that. My blood pressure was elevated. They didn't check my heart rate, but in a self check it was in a dangerous range. They didn't run any labs. They assumed it was breast cancer and set me up for a mammogram next week. The clots have since traveled. The symptoms I was having due to blood pressure have soothed, so now I am just patiently waiting and closely monitoring in case they have traveled somewhere more dangerous. This is most of the reason why I do not go to the doctor like I should. I have ten years of experience with serious medical conditions in my child, diagnosed my partner, four months living in a hospital, literally thousands of appointments between us all, and 29 years of experience with being sick as hell. But they still do not listen to me. When I tell them I have a clot, I know that it is a clot, and they think "what is it REALLY?!" Instead of "maybe we should check for signs of clotting." 😒🙄 Next time that I find one I plan to go straight to the emergency room instead, since they actually ultrasound and run labs the same day. I hate to do that when it isn't an actual emergency, but at the same time, I'm not going to sit around and wait while my regular doctors create one.

    • alliillaalli


      I really appreciate your concern tho, thank you ❤️

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