How do you manage your feelings of shame that come with DID?

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • feellicks


    I try to realize that every human being has such a different experience that having DID really doesnt make me that weird at all. plus with apps like these we can reach out to others like us. I don't think DID is all that rare as it once was said to be. we thought left handedness was strange and rare and evil until people stopped being persecuted for it and more left handed people started speaking up because they felt safe.

  • feellicks


    I also get the constant thought that I must be faking even though I have been diagnosed and gone through therapy for it. with such a stigmatized mental disorder that's extremely common. I've learned to accept myself by accepting others, and though letting myself create art, make friends, and listen to others stories. I also just look around and realize that most of the time it's not something most people would want to take given the stigma and lack of information on it, and even if someone was faking what would it change? that person still should be treated like everyone else, and they deserve just as much compassion.

  • Syd.The.Space.Sloth


    i dealt with imposter syndrome (feeling like im faking) *a lot* after i discovered the system, but i have learned to remind myself of many things. this is not my fault. this is not something i can control. i am not faking this because why would i put myself through that? im not supposed to remember my trauma. trauma is subjective--what isnt traumatic to someone couldve been extremely traumatic for me as a child. the system formed to protect us.

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