I got a call today. my cousin tried to take his own life. his girlfriend saved his life. he is in the ICU. I'm feeling that way myself tonight but I know I wont do it. I just feel helpless. I didnt even know he felt that way and how alone he must have felt.

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  • Harley.Q


    Ik what ur going through my sister's, sister inlaw's husband committed suicide she (his wife) found him he was in the ICU for about 24hrs but he didn't make it, they had a 2yr old boy together but now she's letting her husband's parents keep her son and she's shut everyone out and keeps posting things on fb talking about how she wished it was a dream but she's not eating and she hasn't left the house and I've tried myself to send her messages I really wish I knew what to do... I'm sorry you are going through this I wish nobody ever had to go through that pain...

  • Max_F


    I hope your cousin gets better soon, and I hope you feel better soon, know that someone somewhere loves you and needs you ok?

  • Sunshineseeker90


    Do you live with family or roommates? I'm so sorry to hear that.

  • perrygirl2019


    I have my husband and my two kids. I'm feeling better. I did some meditation and used my calm harm app.

  • its_V


    Sending you lots of love and peace of mind ❤️

  • JoJo0310


    Sorry you are feeling that way. Hang in there!

  • deardiary


    i’m so sorry. if you ever need someone to talk to, please message me!

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