Has anyone taken celexa for anxiety? Doctor put me on that an Valium for panic attacks

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  • KG0918


    I know a lot of people that take celexa for anxiety and it seems to help them a lot.

  • lillypod21


    I took Celexa for depression but not for anxiety. It helped me a lot. But I probably helped me with anxiety too. I was in a better mood and I felt better.

  • Tomato


    I got the same treatment for anxiety. Was told to take Valium as needed until I felt better, which means the celexa started working.

  • wade123


    I don't take celexa

  • Ellen


    I am taking celexa for depression. For anxiety I prefer lorazepam it relaxes me better

  • Bert


    Celexa helped my depression and anxiety. Along with clonazepam taken as needed. Only problem is it makes me drowsy and have gained some weight.

  • Penpalz


    When I took celexa, it put me in a half awake half asleep state...I couldn't function like that, so I'm no longer taking it

  • layayaya


    I took celexa (actually citalopram which is generic) for anxiety because I was just feeling on edge and I’d get pretty panicky going into my college exams and stuff and feel that way leading up to days I had something big like that. I only had 5mg and it helped me get past that. But I found it to make me feel just a little bleh and I was sick of not feeling my emotions very well and I didn’t really feel so anxious over every little thing so I went off of it. Overall I liked it so I’d say worth a try!

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