Does anyone else with autism struggle with death. All my IRL autistic friends have no problem with it because “everyone dies and so will we eventually”. But I can’t seem to process the fact that I’ll never get to talk to these people again. I’ve heard that believing in a higher power is helpful but how can I believe in that when there’s A) no proof and B) the people I’m closest to keep dying? I’m so tired of loosing people but i know I need to stop pretending like they didn’t die and actually face the fact that they’re gone.


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • L0viatar


    While I don’t have autism (that I know of) I have the same struggle. I have to let my 16yr old cat go tomorrow and the finality of the goodbye is really eating me alive because like you I don’t follow any religion or belief that does.

    • Loiz00


      I like to think that everyone and everything comes back because energy doesn’t just stop existing (that whole objects in motion thing) but since I’ll never know where they actually go to that thought doesn’t help much

  • mashed_potato


    I dont know if I'm on the spectrum or not, but death is terrifying for me, not my own death but for people around me. Its hard to imaging them just being... gone. Sometimes it randomly comes up in my mind and gives me hella anxiety

  • Tess123


    If you would like theological answers to the existence of God questions. Bishop Robert Barron has a podcast, word on fire, and a number of conversations with atheist. They are really good a thoughtful. There’s even this really great interview with Shia lebouf.

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