For anyone taking immunosuppressants, did you notice a deterioration in symptoms after Covid shot(s)? I was in remission for 6 years and thriving until last spring when I got the shot and my symptoms totally changed.

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  • Butterflies


    I did notice something similar - I was in remission for 6 years and doing great until I got COVID last year, and then got a terrible flare that ultimately ended in surgery. I also got the shots, and at first wasn’t sure if it was the COVID infection or shots that changed my symptoms. But I’ve been fine after the booster shot

  • cheesepuff


    I got covid in January and it flared me up pretty bad my abscesses came back and prob have to go have another seton put in within the next few weeks

  • cayden


    i had the same issue!! i was in remission for 4 years and during covid i flared :(

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