how many people are using this? it seems only a handful respond. there are very few questions asked. I keep seeing the same names

Disturbance of salivary secretion

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  • LonelyInKC


    I use it every now and then. Just signed up less than 2 weeks ago 👍🏽

  • Another_Joe


    So your notifications are based on what you put on your profile I think. So you should see people based on what is there. The people who share commonalities with you are the ones you will see. Otherwise you won’t see everyone else unless you look for different stuff.

  • D3stiny


    Based on what your profile says, that’s what you’ll see. For example if you put that you have anxiety on your profile, other people with anxiety will respond to your questions, or you might see questions involving anxiety that you can respond to.

  • indio


    I feel that same thing, but I know that we are not alone we all have different symptoms I think that is why,I'm 16 years with ibs

  • old_trout


    I must have signed up for this, then forgot. I've had a couple of strokes, so I do forget things. The way I see it, it could be worse. I could be dysfunctional on one side and drooling. I just got a notification, someone who also has a condition I have. I was like what. Maybe, for me, it'll get to be a new thing every week, lol

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