New here. I have physical and mental health issues. I been struggling to find a new Therapist, mine is no longer seeing patients. I'm going to continue being tested for autoimmune/fibromyalgia next month. (covid paused it)
I was wondering anyone has tips on getting through a really bad mental health days. it's a cycle of whole body pain, lack of sleep, depression. can't stop crying daily, is a new one for me.

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  • Sheshe4


    I just always keep hope inside that something good will end up happening or answers or solutions. They haven’t come yet but it keeps me going. I never have energy for anything. Also trying to find a therapist. The lady I was referred to said she was too busy for anymore patients. I also get full body pains. RH runs in my family although I wasn’t diagnosed with it. Some days I have what I FEEL is nerve pain. Goes all over my shoulders and arms and down back. You just gotta push thru. I hope you find a good therapist too. Hope I do, too.

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