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  • Maddyyyyy


    It personally saved my life. I was in a really dark place and going through extreme mood swings and going from places of great anxiety to depressed and it made this portion of my life so much for manageable!

  • Frankengirl


    it’s made my vomiting spells decrease, but it’s severely decreased my appetite. it changed the way carbonation in soda and stuff tastes and i genuinely don’t feel like eating most of the time.

  • jdubz


    i was first prescribe topamax by a dietician when i was 15 to aid in weight loss. i stopped seeing that doc and stopped the medication for a few years. then when i was 18 or so i was prescribed it again by a neurologist to prevent migraines. i’ve been taking it ever since and hardly get migraines thankfully. i’m on a low dose so i haven’t noticed any mood stabilizing effects unfortunately.

  • LexiS1999


    I love it! It has really helped with my mood a lot!

  • AppleJuice


    it severely decreases my appetite, and it caused a lot of tingled and loss of sensation in my hands, feet, and face which caused me to fall down some stairs and now i’m healing from a borderline broken ankle

  • Mariposita_Obsidiana


    I was put on it for essential tremor and possibly to help with frequent headaches… it seems to have helped with both.

  • Bunnybunz


    The only one i hated was Dilantin it weakened my teeth and made my suicidal the prozac im on makes the pit of my stomach hurt from time to time

  • Meek84


    I'm on it for migraine headache with no side effects

  • Applejuiceica


    I’m on it for weight management and headaches with no side effects.

  • lillypod21


    I am on topiramate for chronic migrains and bipolar and it works miracles for me. And I have barely any side effects from it. And I love it, I honestly have no problems with it. It honestly makes it easier going through my days.

  • Jade1


    I finally have a good combo of medications. I don't think I can function without them now. It's trial and error.

  • Birdies


    This medication saved my life. Going onto it was tough (loss of feeling/tingling in hands/feet) and some other effects. However, I was having a migraine with hallucinations almost everyday and now I have one maybe every 2 months. I wasn't able to function because of my migraines. Warning though, this med made me very sleepy. They had to decrease the dose because I was randomly falling asleep in the middle of activities. I now take 25mg tablets, 2 at night 1 in the morning (helps with sleepiness taking them that way).

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