what are some tips for loosing more weight

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  • stephani1983


    Count carbs

  • TLR


    Eating smaller amounts of food and exercise.

  • Lanii_2.0


    Try to eat a lot of nutritious foods with plenty of protein and fiber. This will keep you full and satisfied while making it easier to eat less since you'll be full faster as well. Don't depend on exercise for weight loss though. It's important to remember that it's impossible to outrun a bad diet. Instead, try to gain muscle through strength training, as that will also boost your metabolism, allowing tou to burn more calories. Over time you'll see that your weight will fluctuate (weight loss isn't linear after all) but if you're eating right, then I wouldn't worry about it. A few more tips of mine would be 1. Don't snack. Don't try eating more often with less calories (like some sites will tell you to). This only makes you feel hungry and deprived. Instead eat 2-3 satisfying meals per day. I currently do 1 meal per day as part of my fasting plan, but fasting isn't a requirement for weight loss, just an option so don't feel pressured 2. Drink plenty of water. Sometimes you think you're hungry but really you're just dehydrated. Drink water first, and if you're still hungry go ahead and eat 3. Cut down on sugar. It really helps. Don't cut it out completely though, or you'll start craving it. Allow yourself to have a treat once in a while (like once a week at most) Sorry for the essay, lol 😅 Good luck on your weight loss journey!

    • stephani1983


      eating smaller meals more often will actually boost your metabolism rather than eating one to two meals a day that can cause you to go into starvation mode and the first thing your body eats is the fat so it will cause you to gain fat so I would not recommend that in any way I'm not even just saying for the person that wrote this post but for anyone who is commenting on that but you do have to make it smaller more portionate meals less carbs is better not no carbs because carbs will turn into sugars and what you do need sugar as part of your regular diet not a lot though

  • DariaFae


    Mixing up your excersise routines. I use "JRNY" "Samsung Health" & "lose weight in 30 days". You can pick different routines and have your phone remind you @ different times to workout. Also intermittent fasting was life changing and absolutely beneficial to my health.

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