I’ve had a lot of trouble finding an antidepressant that works well for me. They seem to give me bad side effects like blurred vision and exhaustion. I’ve been on Prozac for 3 years. It still gave me side effects, but at the time helped my depression so much. It made me feel numb, which at the time I needed. Then helped with everything else in life once the depression was gone. But it doesn’t help much anymore and the more they raise the dose, the worse the effects.

I’ve tried others with no success. I was put on only Wellbutrin and it gave me a wonderful amount of energy, but it all was used on extreme anxiety. I’ve read how Prozac and Wellbutrin is like a wonder drug combo for some people. I was so excited, but literally no help. The Prozac sucked all the energy, I’m exhausted, heightened anxiety from the Wellbutrin, and somewhat depressed again. I don’t know what to do - raise medicines more? Try Wellbutrin & anxiety meds (if they don’t interact)? I feel so lost with this.

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  • snoopy919


    Hey, I am also on Wellbutrin and Prozac and thankfully it has been a good combo for me. It's not perfect but it prevents me from being consumed by my depressive thoughts. I'm sorry that it doesn't seem to working for you. You say you've tried other drugs which is good but I would definitely suggest talking to your psych about this. From my understanding, everyone is different so different drugs are going to work better for each person. I've been on Cymbalta, sertraline, and escitalopram, and I'm considering switching from the Prozac. If you haven't tried it, I would say to try Cymbalta. It works a little differently than the traditional SSRIs. Just be wary of missing doses if you are on it because the withdrawal is brutal. That's part of the reason I switched, I'm not always good at remembering my meds. Anyways, best of luck. Have a good day :-)

    • Waffles04


      I tried Cymbalta too and had side effects that worried my doctor enough to stop it 😢 thanks for all the advice. These medicines are such a weird roller coaster

  • SammyNova


    Can you take a smaller dose of Welbutrin? I'm at a helpful dose of 150mg. I tried doubling my intake for a few days and it instantly increased my anxiety.

    • Waffles04


      that was my original dose, but it was raised to try to fight the fatigue/zombie mess from Prozac since it gave me energy when I was on Wellbutrin alone. Both of those meds have been on a variety of doses to try to find a right place 😕

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