other than meds is there other ways to help with my anxiety. like diet, herbal etc. thank you

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  • sunflower7


    Some things i do are breathing exercises, listening to music, yoga, and meditation. Healthy eating can also be pretty helpful

  • Fiesty


    It can feel silly to start some of the more "holistic" things, like yoga and breathing, but honestly we were designed to do those types of things to begin with. Just start small. It made an immediate impact for me, and then it wasn't really hard to keep doing it and to add things in and learn more.

  • Butterfly


    Since I started to practice meditation and breathing I have been feeling more relaxed. I use applications that remind me to practice every morning and also guide me during practice. I just recently started doing yoga and I hope it also improves my condition.

  • uriboo


    ginger tea is a good calming drink ive found helpful

  • Edens48


    👍thanks everyone

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