I am feeling broken.
TBI is the "gift" that keeps on giving.

I thought my friend & I were close.
I have known her since 2008.

We were in the military together.

She was wonderful & very supportive of me. We both love to laugh.

She has ghosted me because I felt comfortable enough with her to tell her how I felt about her ex husband who kind of deserted her after she had a few miscarriages.

They are divorced, and he randomly reappears when he needs something.

She received a substantial settlement & monthly compensation from the military due to a sexual assault.

We both have PTSD & CPTSD.
She attacked me, & accused me of trying to deceive her.

It feels like I have been gutted.

We talked for hours almost every night.

One day I have a friend who is closer than family, and in a matter of minutes I am rejected and expelled.

It really, really hurts.

Intracranial Injury

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  • nsiberian


    I lost a friend of 30 years not long ago during covid, all the politics and her going off, telling me what to do, I couldn't handle it any ore and tried explaining to her I can't be talked to that way and it's triggering for me... she ended up playing the victim and turned most of on me.. sometimes ppl just grow apart and sometimes ppl change and sometimes they can't handle the truth. I'm so sorry you are goin through this. I still struggle, its been mo ths since I talked to her, I dream about it, I think of responding every once in a while.. but I haven't

    • FL_Jess


      It never gets easier, but it is becoming more bearable. I really don't understand why no one understands that a TBI which affected all but 1 lobe of my brain, still affects my life daily.

      • nsiberian


        good words.. I get that..its so frustrating, mine effects my daily life as well, and you would think ppl who have known us for decades could be more open minded and tolerant.. ppl suck

  • Yaelle


    ✋ Hi. Looks like you and I have a bunch in common.

  • TexAss


    Sounds like your friend likes to be seen as useful to her ex that likes to use her. In turn, though your intentions are different, she's hearing that you want her to more lonely. Those people that are barely in your life coming around to tell you the person who's constant in your life are no good, never ever goes over well.

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