does anyone struggle with self medicating to handle symptoms? how did you get past this..

Schizoaffective Disorder (SZA, SZD or SAD)

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  • darkfang



  • Dimebag


    I've self medicated most of my life. And honestly, it's made my conditions worse over the years. Some recreational drugs can cause psychosis, and when you have those mental tendencies anyways it just makes everything worse.

  • darkfang



  • TJisstudious93


    Yes I tried to for a while. Now I understand that it's mainly good to trust the doctors until they find the right meds.

  • Kate1985


    I drink to escape. It’s been hard to relearn coping skills since I got off the sauce. I overreact, etc. Still wonder if I’ll make it in life without it. I feel like I’m brand new to the world in a way.

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