My partner has been on vacation for almost 4 days now and I miss them so much they can’t talk because they’re busy so I have no one to talk to. It really makes me think bad thoughts and I really am afraid that I will do bad things to myself or them when they come back. I don’t want to tell them that I miss them because I don’t want pressure to fall on them they’re my fp so I have no one else if they’re gone. Any tips I’ll take anything I just don’t want to harm anyone. Anything helps

Personality Disorder (PD)

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  • WhyBeans


    I completely understand how you feel. My S/O is one of the only people I really talk to and I've been trying to talk to more people but it's kinda scary. I suggest just reaching out to people or making friends however you can - when I need the human interaction from at least someone, I go on those sites like Omegal - or I use my Discord server that has all of my internet friends in it since someone is bound to get to me. I'm available to talk if you need someone to talk to ^^

    • D3stiny


      Thanks! Glad someone understands 💕 I’ve heard of Omegle and Discord before and I’ll definitely check it out :) Hopefully I can find a friend!

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