How do I stop being so hyper-critical of myself at work?

It's a food service position at an assisted living so we usually have the same guests every day, in the same seats, ordering the same drinks and usually similar foods from the menu.

But that also means that I see the same people every day. There's no expecting to never see them again anyway. It's the same people.

Some of them have communication issues or get confused easily and I feel bad if I get something wrong. And if I take too long they get cranky and ask me for things even before I've been to other tables because I slow and new.

My coworkers tell me to tell them to wait a second but I have a hard time with stuff like that and I feel bad if I make them wait or get something wrong. I've cried twice near the end of running my section because some small thing pushed me over the edge and I get really flustered before that.

I don't like people getting mad at me, I'm a people pleaser and I know that in a job like this I can't be because people are going to get mad at me for things that I can't control or for things that I can't control yet because I'm still training. I don't know how to stand up for myself against the residents and stop spiraling.

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