So I guess to start I haven’t been diagnosed with anything yet but i’m wondering if what i’m experiencing is something like hallucinations and I need to mention it to my psychiatrist?
Basically at almost all points of the day my mind is always racing and I’m having conversations internally with myself, only I hear more than just my voice? For example maybe I’ll start getting really paranoid leaving my apartment that everyone else is watching me from their windows and there’s this other calming voice that comes in that’s not mine to soothe me? I’ve had this “other voice” in my head since I was a kid I always played it off as like an imaginary friend, but without a physical being. Even though all of this is happening inside my head and I know it’s not real, is it still a type of hallucination? I’m sorry if this makes no sense I just don’t know where to go 🥴



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  • strawberrysoop


    this might be a little out there, but have you looked into dissociative identity disorders ? that sounds really similar to some of my experiences with OSDDID

    • packersfan95


      I haven’t. My therapist does think im partially dissociative almost all the time so I guess it could be a possibility. Thanks for your insight 👍🏻 I’ll definitely mention it to my psych then!

  • atami


    hmm definitely sounds like some highly possible psychosis (a symptom that is mostly made up of hallucinations, delusions & paranoia) i experience that feeling/fear of being watched a lot so def paranoia even if ur unsure why rationally and the other voices are able to be classified as a hallucination since it isn't exactly real and is all within your mind; if that helps

    • packersfan95


      👍 thanks that does help! I always just assumed hallucinations were external so that helps clarify!

  • Child_Consumer


    I would tell the psychiatrist but also I feel there is a fine line between consciousness and voices in ur head. An example would be like, in my head I can “talk” in Elmo’s voice or any voice for that matter, doesn’t mean it’s a hallucination or DID. I think the line between the two is whether or not ur thinking that thing, if that makes sense. Tho it can be difficult to figure out, at least for me it was. I’d think something and another voice would say something in return, in reality it was just me and my thoughts. Tho if ur hearing the voice and it sounds like it’s coming from the outside but it’s also in ur head kinda thing, then def hallucinations. Sorry if I was terrible at explaining this btw, it’s late in the night. Also tread carefully learning about DID, I got into a rabbit hole and thought I might’ve had it for like a week. There’s a scale for dissociation and it’s literally just the highest form of dissociation

  • Or


    If it’s just in your head it’s not a hallucination, hallucinations come from outside of yourself, like as if someone is in front of you speaking to you. However, that does not mean that you’re experiencing something that’s a symptom of something else.

  • Pizzaboy74


    Fear of being watched is a common symptom. I used to duct tape card board over all my windows just to be sure no one was looking into my apartment and watching me

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