how do you cope with loneliness? i have no friends and its tearing me apart

Social Anxiety

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  • froginthefogg


    well i'm kind of in the same situation but God is my befriend. He's with me all the time and wants to hear abt everything going on even though he already knows. All i have to do is call on the name of Jesus; simple as that.

  • SakuraMoss


    Are you able to make online friends? There are a lot of apps for that, but personally I like Discord. If you have a Discord, you can search online for discord servers in relation to your interests. This will connect you to a ton of people with a similar interest to you. Also, in general when you're feeling a negative emotion (eg loneliness), it can help of you have a creative outlet. Anything creative from drawing to journalling will work.

  • MidnightSM93


    Music on youtube and witchcraft and cannabis

  • Acrylickiss


    Yeah I understand I can’t make irl friends cause I’m just awkward but online friends are different they understand you little more

  • redz215


    Hey. I'm in the same boat. When things got bad n still are my family n my friends turned there back on me. There problem not mine. They don't really know what love is . I'm not perfect not by fair all I have to offer is my word n time. If anyone wants to be friends,. I'm all in !!

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