Does anyone have any insight on being evaluated for Lupus? I don't have the face rash but I have so many of the other symptoms.

Myalgic encephalomyelitis/ Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)

Skin rash

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  • 4healthiswealth


    My Dr tested me for it and it was just a few blood tests. I would just ask your Dr for an autoimmune panel.

    • MysticUnicorn11


      thank you 💕

      • 4healthiswealth


        you're welcome! Best of luck ❤️

  • Cubamex


    They tested me for everything and said I don't have lupus . They can't figure out why all my body aches and I'm so fatigued all the time

    • LilG


      it could be RA. Did they test you for that too?

  • 4healthiswealth


    I have a lot of random symptoms that has not been explained medically. It is very annoying and extremely frustrating. I would be willing to have years taken from my life if it meant that I could be healthy and feel good in my own skin for the duration of my years. This is so miserable!

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