every time i watch a movie and if i like it (especially if i like it a lot), i like always feel a giant urge to share it with like everyone i know. it’s often hard because they often won’t watch it or they begrudgingly watch it and don’t appreciate it at all like most of the time. it’s hard because i really want to/feel the need to share my interests with people and i want everyone to like them or at least try to actually listen when i info dump. is that too much to expect? (genuine question) it happens so much and i hate it. how do i stop feeling that way? should i even try to? i am trying to stop subconsciously masking, and repressing urges to info dump and stuff is part of masking, right? idk. it’s just hard on me, you know? please let me know if you relate.

Attention-Deficit Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • LunarMoth


    I think sometimes for me it helps to just ask outright "is it okay if i tell you about something I've been watching that I like a lot?" or depending on who sometimes ill just ask "can I infodump to you about something rn?"

  • Myrabelle


    I feel tye same way

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