I am a going through early menopause at the age of 44. I find myself to be irritable for no reason. I am finding I am having issues with short term memory. Can these be caused by menopause?

Early Menopause


Chronic Memory Loss

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  • Lissy


    Yes mam it could … I experienced that last year because I wasn’t on anything to help me

  • Gwenaire

    208d too. So irritable for no reason and my memory is so bad. I eat sweets to compensate and try to boost my mood sadly it does the opposite 😔

  • Sunshine1922


    Yes Girl Yes! I am 46 and yes to all of this!

  • LovelyBri


    My doctor recommended i talk to a therapist to work on calming techniques and recognize when this is happening. It helps a bit but i still get those mood swings

  • Madea


    My doctor put me on Gabapetin for my mood swings and it seems to be working 😊

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