Has anyone tried cymbalta? Im trying to find something that will also help my fibromyalgia, but I’m not sure how well it works for GAD or panic disorder

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  • EmmaB


    Hi Sierra! Yes, Cymbalta can be good for anxiety, as it makes serotonin stay longer in between brain synapses and make us feel better:) As almost any other drug, it doesn’t work for everybody, but I guess you could know that only if you give it a try. Anyway, you need to wait a few weeks to know how it effects you

  • Sierra


    Thank you so much!!

  • Lora


    I take cymbalta since I was diagnosed with anxiety (A year after my fibromyalgia was diagnosed). This drug helped me for pain relief and therefore also improved my anxiety associated with the disease. I do suffer from insomnia that can be a side effect but I deal with it by taking CBD oil before bed. Don't forget it takes time until you will feel any difference so be patient🙏

  • BuggyBee


    I personally have fibromyalgia and anxiety and I took Cymbalta and it wreaked havoc on my body. It can have some serious physical and mental side effects and is a pain to get off of. Watch for things like prolonged muscle weakness, worsening or new depression symptoms, any suicidal thoughts, and just take note of your diet and everything before and while you are on it. Not trying to scare you but it can be very scary to be on.

  • Emmabe


    I've been taking Cymbalta for the last two and a half years for my anxiety disorder. Personally, I feel that it helps me. However, each drug affects each person differently, so I recommend you trying, waiting a few weeks, and seeing if you feel a change.

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