I have a lot health problems. I don’t have health insurance so I can’t just go to the hospital to figure it out. Now I have backaches and headaches because of passing out too much. It all started 2020. I believe it to have do with stress but I really don’t know.

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  • cat_shepherd


    Do you have symptoms of POTS?

    • Sheashesta_8


      I do!! Whenever I get up from my bed, from the chair or my car. I get really dizzy and sometimes things go dark. Where I can’t see anything for a minute. I mostly just sit down until it goes away or I just wait for a while.

      • cat_shepherd


        there are a lot of resources/advice online for treating POTS -- it's not as common but there are specialists who test for it (by laying you flat on a table and then standing it up). I thought I had it when I was experiencing thyroid issues -- that might be another thing to look at.

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