Does anyone know what to do about paralyzing fear due to paranoia and mild hallucinations? I can't go near mirrors and windows have to be covered up or else I will freak out. I'm stressed constantly because of it, and it gets much worse once I start hearing small noises here and there, as if someone is moving around when they shouldn't be, or I'll see flashes of light when I shouldn't. They both trigger something in me that tells me my life is in danger, and that my only hope is hiding. I don't know what's wrong with me, and no psychologist will help me, but I need to figure out a way to cope. Sorry if this doesn't make sense. I'm sorta everywhere right now


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  • Dejavu27


    I feel the same way :( it comes and goes. Some days are good but others I can’t be anywhere dark and alone especially when there are strange noises. Windows are the worst! Happened to me at work the other day. I always feel like something bad is about to happen. My docs are not helpful either.

  • ZeepZoop


    I'm really sorry you're feeling that way, I used to also have to remove mirrors from walls and stay away from them because they creep me out. They still do, but not as much now that my paranoia is mostly behind me. I think I believed there was something paranormal that might be after me through the mirrors. I don't have a lot of good advice because I still avoid putting mirrors around, but I know where you're coming from.

  • Gunkymane


    Sounds like the beginning of my psychosis. Make sure to see a psychiatrist and try to talk to people when possible. I know it’s hard but seek professional help and give it time. I really recommend some type of medication because that helped me a lot. At first it’s going to feel like you are sedated but you adapt to it and the hallucinations and paranoia become fewer and more manageable. Also meditation helps a lot if you’re willing to do at least like 10 minutes a day and for me it is very enjoyable

  • Maddie6


    Makes complete sense I wish I could offer some advice but I can’t I’m in the same boat

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