I increased my dose of Lamictal to 200mg two weeks ago and I’ve been beyond tired. I’ve been in a “bleh” kind of mood. I plan on asking my psychiatrist about it at my next appointment. But wondering if anyone else feels the same?


Feeling of choking

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  • LadyZDragon


    When do you take it? Because when I started it I took it in the morning and felt like a zombie. Now, however, I take it at night and I feel much better.

    • smkeaton


      I take it at night!

  • Scullyitsme


    I take 300mg and I don’t think it affects me like that. Though I’ve been on it for like 8 years so maybe I’m just used to it. But if I were you I’d google sideaffects and see if that’s one of them. If you don’t want to so you don’t start to feel the other symptoms because you read them, lmk and I’ll do it for you!

    • smkeaton


      Thank you, I appreciate the offer. I’ve googled it and it can be a side effect, and something that may possibly go away. It just hasn’t effected me like this until I increased the dose this time.

  • ChloeMae


    I’ve been off it for 4 days and I already have so much more energy and I can finally sleep & my anxiety is lessened so much. I’ll keep ya updated

    • smkeaton


      good to know! They just lowered my dose back to 150. So hope that helps give me some energy back.

  • bouncyroo11


    Yeah it made me feel the same way. No highs or lows just blah. I didn't even get excited about things...

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