hi, I have celiac disease and vitiligo. did any of you continue developing other autoimmune issues over time?

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    I’ve developed PCOS and I have an unknown autoimmune disease developing but my blood work hasn’t told my doctors which one it is yet. I think it’s pretty common for people with any kind of autoimmune diseases to develop “sister” diseases.

  • Mountain.Allie


    Autoimmune diseases run in my family. One grandmother has Rheumatoid Arthritis and the other has Celiac. My mother has MS. I figured out my issues with Gluten in 2017 before I brought it up to my doctor. Since I cut out gluten first, I have not been able to get the official diagnosis of Celiac. Last year, I developed worsening symptoms and was diagnosed with Lupus in February.

  • maharahnee


    See my comments to others. 💕

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