me n my "partner" had a huge fight yesterday; and it was worse than it ever has been before, we have a history of arguments getting really heated. but yesterday they told me that I was taking such good care of our child to cover my ass in some way, and that I'm a waste of life.
I can't shake this pit in my chest. I don't want to be here anymore.

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  • bluedragon


    Ughhhhh I understand this so much. Unfortunately having mental health diseases makes relationships so difficult because most people cannot empathize with the way we take things or how those words actually effect us. They are wrong to say those things to you & most likely said out of emotion which still doesn’t make it right. You’re beautiful in your own way & if that person can’t see that & COMMUNICATE with you with things they are frustrated with & can’t communicate a resolution then unfortunately they may not be the right person for you. You are beautiful the way you are so please please please don’t feel like you are a waste because to that child you are EVERYTHING 💙

    • SkylerRose


      so if it still doesn't make it right. Then what?

      • bluedragon


        I can’t cross a boundary & tell you what to do & what not to do. But just because we have our life experiences it does not condone someone treating us other than how we deserve.. I’ve been in plenty of relationships that were cycling triggers & were exactly like the trauma I’ve been through & honestly for my own daughters sake I had to break that cycle

  • mynewfriend


    Mental illness can put strain on a relationship for sure but there's still a basic way to treat someone, boundaries that everyone deserves. It does not sound like you're being treated like you as a person, regardless of illness, should be. That's not a healthy position to be in.

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