How do you know if you have a herniated disk? I’m currently at an 8 on the pain scale and I can’t really bend over or stand for long.

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  • Awaiting


    It should be overlapping or maybe even sticking out a little and when you bend over it hurts something fierce to stand up. You need an MRI with your pain dr or regular dr.

  • Reddragon_Mommy


    🤗 Don't wait to get help. My husband has suffered for years, because he's so stubborn. Honestly, it is possible to fix it and relieve the majority of the pain. If i had a choice, I would fix my issues. I'd give anything to have relief. 💕 I wish you luck.

  • Godschild


    Wow I thought I had that because so much back pain but my spine was one of the healthiest he has seen the Dr told me. And I can't bend or stand long either. Have they check your never or pelvic area?

  • Jewels18


    It’s diagnosed by MRI. Ask you doc for an MRI. They might have to do an X-ray first for insurance reasons but after the x ray is done they can order an MRI

  • ContraProduction


    Disc issues like that are usually associated with nerve issues if it’s pushing on a nerve. Definitely go see a doctor and pt

  • Bingo


    I am extremely claustrophobic.and MRI aren't the best choice

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