// just spilling my thoughts i guess

i feel like everytime something good happens to me it always comes crashing down and its the worst i hate it so much. im always scared of doing things cuz i know it'll get ruined and im scared im going to ruin my relationship with my new friend because of this


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  • Birdlady


    I feel you, its like every time something good happens to me something else bad has to happen to equal it out.

  • ikhodi


    man i feel you.

  • dannyimprego


    i feel u 100%. i’ve been ditched out of the blue by 2 of my “best” friends and i’m struggling to trust my boyfriend/best friend because of this. like no matter how many times he assured me it’s not gonna happen, it’s like i’ve heard all of that before yet it happened anyway. i feel his patience wearing thin and i’m scared he’ll get tired of my insecurities.

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