Anyone else on a slew of pysch meds for so long they can't even tell what's working?
I'm mildly numbed out sometimes, and capable of feeling joy, but scaries are by no means far away at any time.
Have any of you done a rehaul to figure out what does what?
Anyone come off Lithium before?
Or is this just my self-destructive instinct to burn it all down and see what's left?



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  • AngelixBeats


    I’m currently on 5 meds along with a potassium supplement and I’ve been wanting to come off of them. But just keep up with treatment and if you are really tired of so many meds talk to your doctor about it.

    • AngelixBeats


      Also one of my meds is Lithium.’

  • FinnWren


    I also can't tell! except maybe I don't think any of them are working because I am constantly in depressive or manic episodes. I am also on lithium and would really prefer to go off it but I keep getting switched between psychiatrists and none of them will take me off.

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